It all started as a game. Then we achieved something bigger.

Sad disclaimer

Dear Trip in Touchers, due to some unfortunate events we had to stop any App/WebApp plans. Feel free to leave your contact details if you want of course, but just so you know our community may have to wait a bit longer to make everyone happy.


We hope to see you around again in the future.


Let's hope for the best. Let's Trip in Touch!


Our dream is not over yet.

At the beginning, we managed to find our own Travel Buddies around the world. 

Then, we established an Online Community with our Facebook Groups.

Now we can tell that this Community is growing and we are dreaming something big…

This is how our Story began: a simple conversation between brother and sister.

This is so annoying, I can’t find any partner for my trip to Asia…


Oh, sorry to hear that! When are you planning to go and for how long?


The plan was to spend at least 3 months traveling there, from July. But also a few days would be fine! Actually I just need someone because, as a girl, I’m a bit scared of going there all alone, you know…


Yeah I totally get it. Unfortunately I can’t make it for this summer. Maybe next year? 😉 However, I can ask some friends, if you want! 


Yes please that would be great! 😀 I will also spread the word on the web!


You know, I’ve already found two people who would love to join you! There you gooo: #TravelBuddiesFound lol. At this point I just need to plan MY solo trip to Australia!


Yaaayyy thank you! Looking forward to meet them. It would be nice to know something about them first 🙂 . Anyway, why are you traveling solo? Aren’t you looking for someone as well?


Nope, I love traveling alone. Kinda inspiring you know? The only thing is, I wouldn’t mind a mate for a dinner or a drink while I’m traveling sometimes. To be honest, even someone that would share some travel costs with me would be great hehe… 


I get it. By the way, I have an idea!! For example, why don’t we create a travel app or something to help each other?


Sounds super cool! We can start with normal FB groups first and see how it goes. In the meantime, let’s look for the right people to set up a team!


Already on it!


Building Memories TOGETHER

Solo Traveling can be very inspiring, however having a Travel Mate on your side sometimes could be even more enjoyable.

We used to explore on our own. 

It was a common thing to discover new places with strangers or organized travel tours, always showing us the most touristic places.

People would normally call ourselves “tourists”, but we have always preferred “explorers”.

Then, we figured out it would be nicer to have Travel Buddies for the whole trip: backpackers, travelers, explorers sharing the same passion.

On the other hand, others preferred to share only part of the journey with someone else.

In both cases, we love the sense of wanderlust that belongs to us now. We would really enjoy traveling together and live our story with you!

Where would you like to go next? Share your story as well! This is what we achieved so far!




Trip in Touchers