Sad disclaimer

Dear Trip in Touchers, due to some unfortunate events we had to stop any App/WebApp plans. Feel free to leave your contact details if you want of course, but just so you know our community may have to wait a bit longer to make everyone happy.


We hope to see you around again in the future.


Let's hope for the best. Let's Trip in Touch!


Our dream is not over yet.

Trip in Touch is a Happy Travel Community and our goal is to help people find Travel Buddies, Share Travel Tips and Make New Friends.

Whether it’s for a Dinner, a Concert, an Excursion, a Boat Trip or a Coffee, you can always find the right person to do that and meet the perfect Travel Companion for the next trips.

Our community is here to connect backpackers and travelers around the world.

Most importantly, our goal is to create a trustworthy environment where people can share moments, recommendations and experiences!

We started with a bunch of Facebook Groups and now we are almost there with our Digital Platform!

Find Your Next Travel Buddy and Share Your Experience!

Have you ever had one of these issues?

You couldn’t find anyone willing to join you on your adventurous trip.

Sometimes you wished you had a travel buddy to share a few moments with, even if you love traveling solo.

Having someone to split the costs with would have made your life easier.




To create a network and a community of trustworthy people, where travelers can connect to organize their next trips.

To make travelers happy, letting them share their experiences with a community they can trust.

That’s your new Trip in Touch Travel Vocabulary

Solo traveling can be amazing and inspiring. However, if you feel lonely you can always find a buddy and get a dinner together!

No time for a dinner and just thinking of sharing a few moments with someone? Trip in Coffee is the perfect option!

Museum, concerts, guided tours. It’s often nicer to enjoy these experiences with someone else while traveling.

We all want to have some fun when traveling right? In this case, if you’re keen for a wild night out, just go for it!

Sharing is caring. Thus, you can use this travel community to share your own experience and help others. Likewise, you can just share your travel costs.

Let’s go hiking and exploring together a city or a desert land! That’s not only more safe (for ladies in particular) but it might be fun as well!

Strictly connected to our sharing view, you can always ask for tips and recommendations here. Of course, you can do that before or during your trip.